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NEW Sentinel Watch™ Broadcasts – February 2019

January 28-February 3, 2019—How can we shore up “the promises of democracy”?

Guest: Bill Moody

February 4-10, 2019—One moment of divine consciousness brings healing

Guests: Susan Tish

On the upcoming edition of Sentinel Watch, you can hear how even a single moment of tangibly feeling God’s healing presence and power can have a powerful healing effect. Feeling conscious of the Divine can dissolve the darkness of fear, sickness, and anguish with an assurance that health and harmony are the actual reality of existence, right here and right now. This consciousness of God’s loving presence outshines any other experience, bringing restoration of health and spiritual transformation.

You can hear how just such a moment of divine consciousness brought about a healing on the next edition of Sentinel Watch..

February 11-17, 2019—What makes for a lasting marriage?

Guests: Chrissie and Jim Brown

The upcoming edition of Sentinel Watch looks at how to meet the challenge of maintaining a happy, stable marriage even when difficulties arise. We talk with a couple who found that living from a spiritual, God-centered standpoint has been, and remains, a sure way to “stay the course” through thick and thin, and strengthen their marriage.

You can hear how putting God first in our lives and letting God’s Love purify the love we express towards each other can make a marriage strong and enduring on the next edition of Sentinel Watch.

February 18-24, 2019—Experiencing the Christ at work

Guests: Fátima Trigueiros

In the upcoming edition of Sentinel Watch we ask what happens when using the skills like intellect and creativity that are necessary for any job, just don’t seem to be enough? We interviewed a woman who had to find an answer to that question in her job helping people suffering from addictive behaviors.

You can hear how this employee found that daily prayer opened her heart to see the spiritual identity of her clients—which brought peace, harmony, and healing to every aspect of her job—and how you can benefit yourself and others by recognizing God’s healing presence at work with you. Tune into the next edition of Sentinel Watch.

February 25-March 3, 2019—How can we feel the Love that overcomes loneliness?

Guest: Susan Booth Mack Snipes

The upcoming edition of Sentinel Watch looks at healing answers to loneliness. Recently the phrase “an epidemic of loneliness” has been making an appearance in headlines in several nations. In the United Kingdom the government went so far as to add a “loneliness” brief to the portfolio of the Sports and Civil Society Minister, while in the United States, the “loneliness epidemic” has been deemed worthy of a public health intervention.

You can hear how understanding our spiritual identity as God’s loved child can begin to free us from the suggestion that we can ever be separated from God’s ever-present love on the next edition of Sentinel Watch.